Independent Play

Independent Play Equipment for Playgrounds

Our Independent Play line features a wide variety of standalone equipment that would be wonderful additions to any new or existing playground projects you may have. Freestanding playground events offer a fantastic way to pack more play, value, and adventure into your playground area. We offer everything from climbers to spinners, spring riders and swings. Each with the unique ability to promote creative play opportunities and healthy outdoor experiences within your community. Independent play equipment adds all the literal bells and whistles to your site.

Independent Play Equipment has other advantages:

  • Working with a small footprint? Don’t have enough space for a full sized commercial playground system? No problem. Independent play equipment offers engaging ways to keep visitors entertained while working with tight spaces or a tight budget. Many of our designs can even be installed with little to no surfacing requirements.
  • Dated playgrounds or those installed by a non-CPSC certified dealers are often not compliant with ever changing ADA regulations. Independent playground equipment is a cost effective “fix” to meet standards, as well as revitalize an older system without the need to replace the existing system entirely.
  • Want to go above and beyond? Independent play equipment offers an opportunity to diversify the inclusive playground design value of any park. Opportunities for meaningful play are often limited to certain age groups or abilities. Independent play structures provide unique ‘ground level’ play opportunities that can range in difficulty and vary from play types available in the main playground.

What to Look for in Independent Playground Equipment

Consider the following when choosing your standalone or independent playground equipment:


Playgrounds should be exciting, but they should also encourage childhood development. Adventure Playground Systems’ equipment is designed to appeal to all five senses and encourage emotional, physical and intellectual development. If you have a system that already contains a wide variety of physically active play opportunities consider freestanding activities from our Art & Music or Sand & Water collections. If the playground system you are considering is designed for children 2-5 years old consider choosing a few freestanding pieces that are geared towards older kids like a climbing wall or the Playpod Maze.


Independent play equipment can be perfect options for tight spaces or to revitalize an existing structure. However, we suggest mindfulness when dealing with varying surface and use zone requirements. If you have any doubt in your selection don’t hesitate to contact one of our CPSI certified Adventure Play Experts. We are here to help.


Our independent playground equipment is designed with aesthetically appealing details and a wide variety of exciting colors options that ensure it’s both fun and attractive to children and adults.


Our systems are constructed from only the highest quality materials such as commercial grade steel posts, vinyl coated perforated steel decking, and high-density polyethylene plastic. All of which provide maximum safety, durability and corrosion resistance protection. Powder-coated and UV stabilized finishes ensure they remain as colorful and vivid as the imaginations of the children that play on them.


All Adventure Playground Systems equipment undergoes a thorough review and testing process to make sure it meets the highest standards of safety. You can check out the safety standards our equipment adheres to, so you can buy with full confidence. Our IPEMA certified manufacturing and CPSI design process ensures safety. All of our equipment meets or exceeds standards created by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), ADA (American with Disabilities Act) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Order Your Independent Play Additions From Adventure Playground Systems

Wanting to revamp an existing playground area or working with limited space for your play equipment? Adventure Playground Systems offers the standalone play additions to make your play area the best it can be. We offer a wide range of independent play events — including custom designs — for any commercial playground needs.

Our team of CPSI-certified Adventure Play Experts is dedicated to creating the most innovative and inclusive standalone structures possible by following IPEMA, ASTM and CPSC guidelines. We’re known for our products’ affordability, durability and innovation. We can’t wait to offer these qualities to your organization as you select the playground equipment of your dreams.

Contact us online or at 1.888.935.2112 to get started. We’ll soon be in touch to begin creating your ideal outdoor recreation space.

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