EPDM Pour in Place Rubber

Product Summary:

EPDM Pour in Place Rubber

EPDM Poured in Place Rubber is a popular safety surfacing material that has several advantages over traditional surfacing systems such as mulch. EPDM offers a wide range of design capabilities as it comes in a large variety of color options that can be used to create artistic patterns, creative designs, and themed graphics. Consisting of two layers the process starts with a low density rubber base that acts as a cushioning impact layer. Lastly the EPDM colored granules are mixed with a polyurethane binder and then the design is poured into place on site. EPDM can be installed at different thicknesses for varying deck heights, this high quality safety surface achieves consistent fall protection and performance seeking CPSC guidelines. In addition this rubberized surface can fit almost any area and forms one primarily continuous layer without seams or edges. This process is why EPDM is the best surface option for accessibility and ADA compliant playgrounds. Pour in Place Rubber does require a large initial investment; but this cost is offset by low maintenance requirements over the 15-20 year life of the product. With proper maintenance it can provide years of fun, safe, accessible play opportunities for your kids.


  • One of the best ADA accessible surfacing options on the market.
  • Wide range of colors options and creative design capabilities.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly option created from recycled tires.


  • EPDM to be installed over a secure concrete or compacted stone base.
  • Product consists of two layers which are poured in place at installation site.
  • Surfacing thickness can be modified to meet varying critical fall heights on playground.
  • Requires trained installation crews to ensure product meets safety requirements.
  • Surface coat your EPDM every 2 years to protect from UV damage and keep colors bright.

We understand there are many options when it comes to safety surfacing and deciding on the best surfacing solution for your project can be difficult. Our friendly team of Adventure Play Experts are happy to offer their expert advice and suggestions to find the surfacing solution that is right for you. We also carry a complete line of surfacing accessories including compatible drainage systems, geotextile fabric, wear mats, containment curbing, and accessible ramps. No matter the budget or application, Adventure Playground Systems offers a comprehensive selection of compliant surfacing that will make your playground safe and enjoyable for all.


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