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Early Childhood Playground Equipment

Our Early Childhood Structures meet the licensing requirements and accreditation in early childhood programs like DFPS Texas Child Care Licensing and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). By integrating best practices in meeting early childhood standards, these systems have been designed specifically for the littlest of Adventurers. The Early Childhood segment focuses on children 6 to 23 months old, that require safe environments that are both age appropriate and encourage them to explore their world. These products are designed to further enrich play in an indoor or outdoor learning environment. Each structure or independent play event focuses on building sensory, cognitive, social, communicative and physical skills in young children.

Things to Consider in Early Childhood Playground Design

If you’re looking at early childhood playground equipment for sale, be sure to look for:

Age Appropriate Equipment:

Play areas for children 6 to 23 months old should offer supervised areas where children can have space to move and explore. Children of this age group are largely influenced by sensory development, they explore their environment with their eyes, hands, feet, torsos and mouths. Being predominantly at ground or floor level during this stage, they require space to explore their area away from older peers. Appropriate play areas for this group should provide places to crawl, sit-up, pull up, stand, and walk. Consider toddler playground equipment that offers; climbing equipment under 32” high to minimize fall injuries.

Enriching Equipment:

Education starts early, and your play area can be vital in helping toddlers build their physical abilities, balance and confidence. Look for playground equipment that is designed to encourage the development of social skills, cognitive abilities, physical agility and more. Ramps and single file step ladders allow toddlers to develop gross motor skills, slides of modest height and spring riders help practice balance. Consider low crawl tunnels that will encourage crawling, simply because it does not allow any other visual or auditory distraction. Activity panels and pull up handles offer great fine motor skills training and add to cognitive skills as well.

Easy caregiver access:

Early Childhood caregivers need to be able to support and help children on playground equipment if necessary. It’s important to create a play space that is easily accessible to teachers with good visibility, so caregivers can keep an eye on children as they play.


No two play areas are the same, in part because the needs of different organizations, groups and communities vary so widely. Adventure Playground Systems offers customizable playground options, so you get the colors, features, innovative designs and play equipment you want. Whether you would like to build your playground around a specific theme, make it work with your brand’s colors, or integrate it with a larger playground for older kids, we can help.


Our extensive customer service program makes sure you’ll never have to worry if you encounter challenges while planning, installing and maintaining your playground products. When it comes time to purchase your next playground, we want you to rely on the friendly Play Experts at Adventure Playground Systems to help you find just the right options for you.

Safety & Durability:

We strive not only to create safe and innovative designs for our outdoor playgrounds, but to also build quality play structures that are made to last. Our systems are constructed from only the highest quality materials such as commercial grade steel posts, vinyl coated perforated steel decking, and high-density polyethylene plastic. All of which provide maximum safety, durability and corrosion resistance protection. Powder-coated and UV stabilized finishes ensure they remain as colorful and vivid as the imaginations of the children that play on them. All of our equipment meets or exceeds standards created by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), ADA (American with Disabilities Act) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

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Early childhood is a time of fun, developmental learning and self-discovery. Make your littlest explorers’ experiences even more memorable with early childhood play structures from Adventure Playground Systems.

We’re a Texas-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer that has served businesses, daycares, municipalities and other organizations across the country for more than 20 years. In our extensive inventory of early childhood designs, you’ll find play products that lead the industry in safety, innovation and inclusive play.

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