Art & Music

Art & Music

Make your site a truly “sense”ational adventure with the addition of music and art independent play equipment. These standalone elements add immense play value as they literally expand the way guests experience your site.

Benefits of Art & Music Play Events: 

  • Music inspires joy across generations, combining this with creative play elements and allowing kids and adults of all ages to join the band. These musically interactive elements are great for playgrounds, community centers, schools, senior centers or other public spaces.
  • Our freestanding musical equipment options are a fantastic inclusive play addition. Children of all abilities can create beautiful symphonies of sound.
  • Our equipment encourages children to both hear and make music; it promotes listening, language, math, and science skills during both individual and group play.
  • Our full line of WeeNotes add aesthetic appeal as the compellingly beautiful instruments truly add impactful ambiance to any site.
  • Allow your creative geniuses to express themselves on our complete line of Art Panels outside while soaking up vitamin D. As a bonus the mess stays outside too!

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