Picnic Tables

Commercial Grade Picnic Tables

Commercial outdoor picnic tables are one of the most classic site amenities — they’re a must for any play or recreational area. Picnic tables provide a comfortable, welcoming place for groups of people to sit and chat. They can be a place for lunch, an afternoon of reading or even fun tabletop games. Guests can set up a recurring chess games at their favorite spot, can get to know each other over a snack or just sit and relax. Commercial picnic tables encourage people who visit your park to linger, relax, and stay a while.

Our wide variety of industrial picnic tables is perfect for all your seating needs. We provide a broad selection of styles and colors to choose from. We carry wheelchair accessible picnic tables that meet all ADA requirements– some even offer dual access points. Whether you need a picnic table for an outdoor eating area, dining venue or local park, we have the right picnic table for you!

Why Get Commercial Picnic Tables?

Commercial grade picnic tables are a key component of your outdoor area, park, recreation space or playground. That’s because picnic tables from Adventure Playground Systems come with multiple benefits:

Encourage visitation. Outdoor commercial picnic tables encourage families to visit your playground or park. When you have picnic tables, you create a space for caregivers and families watch their kids play, have a picnic, or sit around and talk for awhile. With an accessible and inclusive playground table, your visitors can also stay longer, and this makes your park more attractive to kids, adults and families.

Provide flexibility. Picnic tables for schools, communities and parks are very flexible in what they can be used for. Examples might include timeouts, picnics, relaxing, playing games, snacks, breaks, supervision, activities, coloring and more. Kids, adults and entire families can use them.

Provide an ideal investment. Commercial grade picnic tables made from quality materials can last for years, invite longer more frequent stops at your business and are a terrific way to give back to the community.

Encourage proper supervision. Picnic tables encourage caregivers and adults to sit by play areas, which can help ensure adequate supervision.

Create an added tier to your play area. With a picnic table, you have an added spot for playtime, including coloring, activity books, puzzles, board games or just a place to hang out and have fun. They can be an extra space for children to play and more importantly rest and hydrate when needed.

Buy Commercial Picnic Tables

Adding picnic tables at your park or playground can bring the community together by offering a welcoming rest area. With Adventure Playground Systems, you’ll find a variety of attractive designs that will enhance your outdoor recreational space far into the future.

We’ve supplied innovate ADA-approved playground and park picnic tables for more than 20 years. We use this expertise to deliver the most durable and long-lasting site solutions to communities and businesses in Texas and beyond.

Call us at 1.888.935.2112 or fill out a contact form and order your commercial grade metal picnic tables. Our team of Adventure Play Experts will be here to guide you through every step of your purchase. Together, we’ll help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

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