Spring Riders

Spring Riders

Spring Riders are a classic playground favorite and an excellent way to add excitement to a new or existing commercial playground. Our selection of spring riders include options for early childhood, elementary children, multiple riders and children with special needs who can join in on the fun. These are perfect standalone additions for residential parks, playgrounds, schools, daycares, churches, and more.

The Benefits of Spring Riders

Each spring rider promises to inspire years of imaginative play and fun for kiddos ranging from 2 to 12 years old. These stand-alone types of playground equipment offer several advantages, such as:

Building gross motor skills

Spring Riders require children to hold on and use their core muscles to move and rock. This helps strengthen the larger muscle groups and develop gross motor skills. These activities help with coordination, walking development in young children, balance and fall prevention.

Inspiring imaginative play

A bouncy horse on springs lets kids imagine that they are a sheriff riding to the rescue or a surveyor exploring across the plains. In addition to individual play, one child can “race” on a horse while another officiates the race.

Encourage solo and social play

Try grouping spring riders together to encourage social play. For children who struggle to build social skills, solo activities can seem less intimidating but still allow plenty of options for social play. They allow kids to transition into more interactive group activities as well.

What to Consider When Buying Spring Riders

If you’re looking at playground equipment spring riders for sale, make sure you look for:


All Spring Riders from Adventure Playground Systems meet consumer product safety standards and are certified for commercial use. All of our products are designed and tested to meet and exceed all ADA, ASTM and IPEMA standards and guidelines. In addition, our team carefully reviews design and manufacturing processes to ensure all equipment we offer is safe.


We have tons of fun styles available including fire engines, airplanes, dinosaurs and more. We even have a bouncy horse on springs! Adventure Playground Systems can help you customize your playground equipment spring riders with a variety of color options and design styles available, so you get exactly what you want.


We understand your outdoor play equipment is a long-term investment and can see some heavy use in often harsh outdoor elements. That is why Our spring riders are made from the highest quality commercial grade materials including high density polyethylene (HDPE), steel, and roto-molded plastic. In addition we carefully inspect each item to ensure they meet exacting standards.

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