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In the heat of the Texas summer, finding ways to cool down is as important as it is challenging. This is especially key for children at play since it’s so easy for them to overheat quickly and suffer from mother nature’s harsh outdoor elements. Luckily, Adventure Playground Systems has innovative aquatic playground equipment to help serve your community and solve this widespread challenge.

An aquatic playground is a recreational area designed specifically for interactive water play. Known to some as commercial splash pads, these refreshing spots are the hit of every park and recreation facility frequented in warmer months. Unlike swimming or wading pools, aquatic playground equipment has no standing water. They are a safe and economical option to provide aquatic fun with a variety of “cool” interactive water park playground equipment to choose from. A splash pad installation is an ideal community recreational attraction that adds value and excitement to any outdoor destination.

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APS commercial splash pads offer many advantages:

No Standing Water

Our splash park equipment doesn’t have any areas of standing water but instead uses fountains, nozzles and other splash pad accessories to allow kids to play in an aquatic system. This way, children get all the advantages of water, without the risk factors or regulations attached to swimming and wading pools.

Low Maintenance Costs

Unlike commercial swimming pools which can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year to professionally maintain and hours of staffing work a week. Splash pad equipment only requires cleaning and maintenance a few times a quarter and supplies are often a fraction of the price. Additionally, commercial splash pads do not require lifeguards to be present during operation hours reducing operating costs substantially.

A Place for Kids to Cool Down

Splash pads are one of the most practical play solutions for summer days. Summer weather can get very hot, and extended time on unshaded playground equipment can make it easy for kids to overheat. Commercial splash pads give communities a space to cool down and prevent overheating, helping them stay safe and more comfortable in the sun.

Inclusive, ADA Compliant Play Experience

No need for special lifts, ramps, or handrails. Adventure Playground System’s water park playground equipment is always ADA Accessible. Fun in the water is a wonderful equalizer to encourage inclusive play among children of different ability levels.

A Fun Family Experience

Let’s face it, kids love water. For many families, traditional water parks are synonymous with high admission costs, long lines and lengthy drives all of which can be stress-inducing. Adding a splash pad to your community park or recreation area gives families more options and new ways to experience their aquatic adventures.


Today, homebuyers are no longer just looking for good schools and attractive housing. Many people also look for communities rich in amenities and will spend much of their free time within facility grounds. Well-shaded playground equipment, picnic areas, dog parks and commercial splash pads are quickly becoming the new standard among prospective buyers and veteran homeowners alike. Let Adventure Playground Systems assist you in choosing the perfect recreation additions for your community demographics and ensure your property values remain high.


Adventure Playground Systems Is Your Premier Splash Pad Manufacturer

Splash your way to a cooler summer with aquatic playground equipment from Adventure Playground Systems. We’ve been creating innovative splash pad solutions for communities nationwide for more than 20 years. Our entire range of commercial splash pad features and water management solutions are known for their quality, durability and fun they bring to any park, organization or business. We also offer custom splash pad solutions specifically tailored to your available space, applications and region.

Give us a call at 1.888.935.2112 or contact us online to request your custom splash pad quote. Our Adventure Play Experts will gladly answer any questions you have as they assist you throughout your splash pad’s design and installation.

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