Splash Pad Features

Splash Pad Features from Adventure Playground Systems

It’s well established that every play area is different, as is every aquatic play project. Adventure Playground Systems has options that will fit your project needs and create a splash pad to envy.

Ground Spray Elements

Spray Elements may not have the visual impact of a dumping bucket or brightly colored mushroom but they hold tremendous play value anyhow. Located at or below grade level, designer jets cast water flow in a multitude of ways. From bubblers, rooster tails, and fans every spray nozzle creates a new effect.
Ground Spray Elements are perfect cost effective options that integrate nicely in to otherwise traditional settings. Introduce a whole splash pad to your community or create a scenic fountain path to be enjoyed year round.


  • – Cost Effective
  • – Seamless design
  • – Traditional

Light Commercial Above Ground Features

Playground Systems light commercial grade above ground spray park features are a fantastic option for any daycare, apartment complex or shopping center looking for a low liability way to beat the heat. Constructed of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), light commercial grade equipment is cost effective, and easily maintained. Bright, bold, and fun- light commercial above ground features add a pop of color and a splash of water to every project.

Because light commercial grade equipment is constructed of PVC, a more brittle lightweight material, Adventure Playground only recommends these products for sites that will have controlled access and supervision.


  • – Cost effective
  • – Bold Colors
  • – Interchangeable

Commercial Above Ground Features

Playground Systems commercial grade above ground splash pad features may look similar to light commercial items but are instead top of the line powder coated stainless steel fountains. Perfect for homeowners’ associations, municipalities, and hospitality venues, these elements will stand up to the test of time and the test of play. Fully customizable, these features fit in to every theme.

Commercial Grade elements do require a larger starting cost than other splash pad options; but, overtime they wear less, last longer and are a fantastic return on investment. Adventure Playground Systems highly suggests this grade of material to any site that will be heavily trafficked or experience heavy wear and tear.


  • – Durable
  • – Customizable
  • – Secure

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