Churches & Faith Centers

Churches & Faith Centers

Faith-based organizations and worship centers provide a valuable service to their community and are instrumental in the enrichment of a child’s life both spiritually and emotionally.  Church playground equipment from Adventure Playground Systems can help keep your youngest congregation members happy and healthy. We offer fun, challenging and educational commercial playground products that are perfect entertainment options for church daycares, Sunday schools and youth groups.

There is a great deal of church playgrounds for sale on the market today, but not all church playsets for sale are right for your organization. Adventure Playground Systems is an experienced provider of commercial outdoor recreational products and playground equipment for churches. Our team of CPSI Certified play experts work hard to ensure you get the play equipment you need. We help you find the right solutions for play, enrichment and learning.

Is it your responsibility to purchase playground equipment for a church?

The right equipment may include:

Commercial Playground Sets

Young parishioners will climb Mount Sinai and pretend to battle the romans as they traverse the slides, tunnels and climbers an Adventure Playground system has to offer. Allow custom activity panels to reinforce Sunday school lessons while ramps, talk tubes and spinners get out all the wiggles and jiggles pent up energy creates.

Shade Structures

While outside playtime can be fun, sometimes it’s almost too hot to go out. Shade structures not only keep the temperatures down, they protect little ones from up to 98.8% of harmful UV rays.  As a bonus a custom shade structure can set your faith center apart aesthetically and give an open air chapel you’ve been praying for.

Early Childhood Stations

Babysitting rooms need equipment too! Specially designed for your youngest adventurers, babies 6 to 24 months will delight in climbing up over and through platforms created just for them. Inside or outdoors, take advantage of our perfectly sized, flawlessly detailed early childhood learning stations.

Safety Surfacing

As important as play equipment is, safety surfacing is just as important in guaranteeing falls and slips don’t become major accidents. There are pros and cons to all surfacing options and regulations can be tricky to navigate. Let Adventure Playground Systems help you find the perfect solution for your budget, needs and design theme.

When it comes to maximizing play value and working with a budget we set the standard. Our friendly team of Adventure Play Experts are eager to work with you. We can help determine the best equipment solutions to accommodate your age group, child capacity needs and structure size, while keeping safety in mind. As church playground equipment manufacturers, all of our equipment meets or exceeds safety standards and guidelines created by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, American Society for Testing and Materials and the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association, so you have confidence when buying playground equipment for churches from Adventure Playground Systems.

Why Choose Adventure Playground Systems?

Adventure Playground Systems has been a leading manufacturer in the commercial playground industry for more than 20 years. Serving Texas and beyond — our commercial-grade playgrounds are known for their quality, durability and innovation. We offer a wide range of playground designs— including custom solutions — so we’re sure to have the perfect pieces for your church.

Our commercial church playground equipment is designed to encourage child development as well as promote best practices in outdoor play and learning. Adventure Playground Systems manufactures using the highest quality materials that provide maximum safety and durability for your little Adventurers.  In addition, each of our products meets or exceeds all CPSC, ASTM and ADA guidelines.

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If you’re ready to buy playground equipment for churches, contact Adventure Playground Systems by calling us at 1.888.935.2112 or filling out our online contact form. Our friendly team of Adventure Play Experts are happy to offer their expert advice and suggestions to find the church playground equipment that is right for you. We can guide you through the purchase every step of the way, so you get the park or playground area you’ve always dreamed of.  

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