5 to 12 years

Playgrounds Equipment For Children Ages 5 to 12

We have an extensive selection of commercial playground structures built specifically for school-age children ranging from 5 to 12 years old. At this age children are rapidly learning and building their skills. Developmentally they are moving towards more complex play and require increased levels of physical challenges to remain occupied. They are constantly refining their fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance and strength. School aged children now have highly developed socialization skills. This age group will start to find creative ways to incorporate play elements into activities such as competitions, or imaginative and elaborate games.

Developmentally appropriate play areas for school-age children could include: rope or chain climbers and walks, track rides, spinners, sliding poles, and cooperative pieces such as sports equipment and Merry-go-rounds. Their space should provide both physical and mental challenges to keep older children occupied, engaged and out of trouble.

Some requirements that change for equipment meant for a 5 to 12 year old child are:

Arch Climbers

Arch climbers offer a larger challenge then most climbers but should have a slope of 75”-90 degrees and be at least 16” wide.

Free standing climbing events with flexible parts:

Flexible climbers use a grid of ropes, chains, cables, or tires for climbing. Since the flexible parts do not provide a steady means of support, flexible climbers require more advanced balance abilities than rigid climbers. The perimeter of any opening in a net structure should be less than 17 inches or greater than 28 inches. Be sure to check for secure connections!

Rung and Step Ladders

To ensure even the weakest children can have fun, a diameter or maximum cross-section of 1.25 inches is preferred to achieve maximal grip strength when choosing a rung ladder.

Overhead rings & Overhead Ladders

School-age children have the ability to complete simple hand-to-hand movement for these components. They will also develop more complex uses for overhead equipment such as leaping from the take-off platform to the third or fourth ring and swinging all the way to the opposite platform. Overhead equipment should still be less than or equal to 84 inches high and rungs spaced no more than 15 inches apart.

Spiral Slides

Now that school-age children have mastered the balance needed for the slide, more than one 360° turn can up the fun.

Each of our composite play structures are created using the highest quality materials that provide maximum safety and durability for your biggest adventurers. In addition, each system meets or exceeds all CPSC, ASTM and ADA guidelines. At Adventure Playground Systems we believe in enhancing creativity through customization so that each set can be designed in a large variety of color options to facilitate the creation of your perfect playground!

Design Your Playground for 5- to 12-Year-Olds With Adventure Playground Systems

From climbing structures and overhead rings to slides and tunnels, Adventure Playground Systems offers a wide range of play equipment specifically designed for school-aged children.

We recognize that elementary-aged kids need outdoor play spaces that promote active and imaginative play. Our innovative and inclusive playground equipment is designed to bring out the fun-filled creativity in kids across the country. Each piece is designed using the highest quality commercial materials, so durability and safety standards are maintained by all CPSC, ASTM and IPEMA guidelines. You can rest assured that the children in your school or facility can enjoy your playground equipment for years to come.

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