Crawl & Toddle with Comfy Tuff Platform

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Age Range

6-23 months

Kid Capacity

5-8 Kids

Structure Size

56"L x 42"W x 33"H

Weight 250 - 260 lbs
Use Zone

10'8"x 9'6"


2D Top View Color Sheet Warranty

Crawl & Toddle with Comfy Tuff Platform

Starting At $2,622.00Add to Cart

The Crawl & Toddle is available with Comfy Tuff or a Coated Steel Deck, combines creative and fun elements of development for children from 6-23 months: Cruise Rail, Bubble Panel, Visual Wheel, Spinning Shapes and Gears. This exciting structure can accommodate up to 8 children and is perfect for the littlest of adventurers as it also has three ways to climb including stairs and a ramp.


  • Cruise Rail
  • Spinning Shapes
  • Gears
  • Bubble Panel
  • Visual Wheel
  • 3 Climbing Access Points
  • Color
Starting at: $2,622.00

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