Assisted Functional Trainer

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Structure Size

48"L x 63"W x 44"H

Weight 183 lbs



Assisted Functional Trainer

SKU: FIT-351 Starting At $2,651.00Add to Cart

The Assisted Functional Trainer provides a wide range of fitness benefits for users of all ages and fitness levels. Designed specifically for the Active Aging community, it includes unique design elements that provide additional support for users who need a little extra assistance. The center platform allows for step-up/step-down or step-up/step-over exercises, as well as stretching exercises. All handrails feature our ComfortGrip coating for improved grip/grasp and the step platform features a treaded Surface for extra traction.


  • Balance and Flexibilty
  • Core Fitness

Estimated Price Per Unit: $2,651.00

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