Ash Bonnet Top Receptacle Lid


Weight 26 lbs
Frame Color

Black, Brown, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Purple, Burgundy, Orange, Yellow, Gray, Tan, White


Color Sheet Warranty

Ash Bonnet Top Receptacle Lid

SKU: SRL-B200 Starting At $189.00Add to Cart

h Bonnet Flat Top for Trash Receptacles serves two very important purposes. First, the flat top offers an 8-inch opening so it encourages people to place their trash inside, rather than throw it. Since the Ash Bonnet is on top, it makes it nearly impossible to try to make a basket with garbage, so the area remains cleaner. Adding this piece is purely genius because as you know, there are always those who will toss their cigarette in the receptacle. You do not want them to litter, but you do not want the receptacle on fire either. This is perfect! All parts are pre-cut and drilled and holes are slotted for easy assembly to the receptacle. The Ash Bonnet is extremely easy to empty as well.

  • Frame Color

Estimated Price Per Unit: $189.00

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