Commercial Play Equipment

Commercial Play Equipment

Most people recall many of their fondest childhood memories at the park or during recess. Laughter. Running. Jumping. Climbing. Swinging. Sliding. When you think of a playground, you think of a happy, carefree environment.  But there’s much more going on than just fun. Child development experts and parents agree play is an essential part of childhood. Outdoor play areas can help children develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Play opportunities give children a healthy way to express emotions and explore the world around them. However children of different ages have dramatically different needs for developmentally appropriate play experiences. Having separate play areas marked by signage indicating each age-appropriate area is strongly recommended by industry standards to provide a safe, structured play environment for children. Guidelines have been created  by organizations such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) to help make America’s play areas developmentally appropriate, more enjoyable and safer for all children.

At Adventure Playground Systems, our commercial playground equipment is designed for kids of all ages to have fun and expand their physical and intellectual abilities. We offer commercial play equipment suited to every stage of development which allows children to swing, slide, climb and jump their way to healthier and happier lifestyles.

Playground Equipment for All Ages 

Children of different age groups have vastly contrasting needs for developmentally appropriate play experiences. Our commercial play equipment is designed for each stage of child development to encourage safe and appropriate play.

Ages 6-23 Months

Play areas for children 6 to 23 months old should include ground-level playstations where children can move and explore. Children of this age group are largely influenced by sensory development. Appropriate play equipment for this group should provide places to crawl, sit-up, pull-up, stand and walk.  Some of our most popular commercial play systems for children 6 to 23 months old include:

Ages 2-5 Years

Preschool-aged children will require an area of their own that is physically challenging but sized appropriately. Play areas for children  2 to 5 years old should offer challenges such as climbing over and under play elements. Their play area should have play activities that promote socialization and fine motor skills. Some of our most popular commercial play systems for children 2 to 5 years old include:

Ages 5-12 Years

School-age children require more complex play areas suited to their developing motor skills, coordination, balance and strength. Their space should provide both physical and mental challenges to keep the older children occupied, engaged and out of trouble. Some of our most popular commercial play equipment for a 5 to 12 year old child are:

Our Equipment Safety Standards

As a leading manufacturer in the commercial playground industry we are experts on fun, however we are also serious about playground safety. With over 200,000 playground-related injuries resulting in emergency room treatments annually, safety is a top priority when designing commercial playground equipment.

Our team members of Adventure Play Experts are passionate about creating exciting play products while maintaining that quality, compliance and safety will always be our highest priorities.  Serving Texas and beyond for more than 20 years our commercial-grade playgrounds are known for their superior quality, durability and innovation.

The manufacturing process for our products  is overseen by our CPSI-certified team members to ensure all of our equipment meets or exceeds standards created by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), ADA (American with Disabilities Act) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). As an IPEMA-certified manufacturer, we take safety seriously, and it shows in every playground we help create.

Why Choose Adventure Playground Systems for Your Commercial Play Equipment?

At APS we strive to not only create innovative designs for our commercial play equipment but to also build quality playgrounds that are budget friendly and made to last. Our products are constructed from only the highest quality materials such as commercial grade  steel posts, vinyl coated perforated steel decking, and high-density polyethylene plastic. We believe that every piece of playground equipment we manufacture should be as unique and one of a kind as the children who enjoy them. That’s why all of our play systems and components come fully customizable and are offered in a variety of colors sure to please any palate.

Adventure Playground Systems has been a leading manufacturer in the commercial playground industry for more than 20 years. Serving Texas and beyond — our commercial-grade playgrounds are known for their quality, durability and innovation. We offer a wide range of parks and recreation products— including custom solutions — so we’re sure to have the perfect pieces for your playground, park, school or business.

If you’re ready to purchase your next playground contact us today. Our friendly team of Adventure Play Experts are happy to offer their expert advice and suggestions to find the commercial play equipment that is right for you. We can guide you through every stage of your outdoor recreational project so you get the park or playground area you’ve always dreamed of.