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The ENTERPRISE PLAYGROUND SERIES (EPS) systems have been engineered to meet the needs of organizations on a budget, at the same time incorporating a modular attractive structure with outstanding play-value. The variations that make up the EPS systems can be found in the decks, and pole diameter size. EPS systems are engineered with 3.5-inch galvanized steel powder coated uprights that maintain structural integrity for all age groups. EPS systems also incorporate our Collar Lock© Anti-Slip Hidden-bolt through tab connection system that produces a safe seamless appearance!

Product Application
- Public parks
- Apartments
- Public and Private Schools
- Churches and Faith Based Facilities
- Master Planed Communities

Post Diameter
- 3.5 Inch. O.D.

Connection Method
- Collar Lock© Anti-Slip
Hidden-bolt tab connection system
Incorporating a safe seamless design

Common Platform Area
- 36 x 36 Inches
- 36 x 48 Inches

Maximum Decking Height
- Up to 8 Feet

Standard Child Capacities
- 10 and up

Recommeded Ages
- 2-5 or 5-12