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It's important that we help keep our children safe from harmful UV rays as they enjoy outdoor activities. Adding a durable attractive shade structure or shade canopy from Adventure Shade Systems is a necessity in today's climate. Our shade structures and shade canopies block 98% of the suns harmful UV rays with a temperature drop difference of 10 to 15 degrees. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs with over ten color choices and combinations. Our representatives are ready to help you select the right structure for your particular application and surroundings!

Materials Used

• Structural Steel is coated using in-line zinc electroplating to prevent corrosion.

• Hardware is coated using in-line yellow zinc electroplating to prevent corrosion.

• The innovative fabric we use is a world-class product suitable for a variety of applications. It has been specifically developed to be extremely strong and stable for use in tension shade products while providing up to 98% UV protection.

• The fabric contains literally millions of tiny spaces that allow air to flow freely through. This "breathing" effect reduces temperatures beneath by up to 15% when compared to direct sunlight. These fabrics are suitable for numerous different outdoor applications in a wide range of different colors and shapes.

• Through ongoing research our fabrics meet stringent criteria to ensure uncompromising strength, integrity and performance in virtually any weather extreme no matter where in the world the product is used.