2 to 5 years

Consider a playground structure for preschool-aged children that includes the following:

Step Ladders

Look for ladders that are single file with a 50 to 75 degree slope and a tread width of 12” to 21” and vertical rise of less than 9”. This provides more safety in the event of falls, in addition it will encourage children to hold on to a handrail if needed and take turns passing.


Slides help preschool-aged children learn balance and gross motor skills. However straight slides should not exceed 30 degrees.

Spiral slides

Little ones will learn how to traverse a spiral slide generally by 26 months but they should turn 360 degrees or less at a 30 Degree slope or less.

Activity panels

Activity Panels come in a large variety of options. Look for those that promote fine motor skills and dramatic play to add the most play value to your site.


Look for stairs less than a 35 degree slope and a vertical rise of less than 9”. This will encourage children to hold on to a handrail if needed, take turns, and provides more safety in the event of falls.

Horizontal ladders

Perfect for a 4 to 5 year old’s first foray into overhead climbing, horizontal ladders should be less than or equal to 60” high and adjacent rungs of overhead ladders should be greater than 9 inches.

Rung ladders

Perfect for children 4 to 5 years old, rung ladders should have 75-90 degree slope.

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